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[Limited Time Pre-Order] Bedding Steriliser | Jenniferoom


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Please note that the estimated delivery time for pre-order items will be 2-4 weeks after the closing of pre-orders.

Bedding Steriliser

We spend a lot of time on our beds, recharging our minds and bodies every night. It is therefore important to maintain the hygiene of the area we sleep on. With this bedding steriliser, feel like you are sleeping on new, clean sheets everyday.

Product Details

The steriliser comes with the main body, a filter and power adaptor.

Size: 100 (W) x 155 (L) x 320 (H) mm (0.9kg)

Dust holder capacity: 0.5L

Material: ABS Plastic

Charging Time / Usage Time: 3-5 hrs / 35 mins

Colour: White

Powerful Vibration Pads

No more fine dust and mites. Equipped with 2 vibration pads that moves 8000 times per minute, all fine dust and pet fur are picked up by the steriliser.

Powerful Suction

For the best bedding care, the powerful suction effectively rids all dust on fabric fibre.

No More Bacteria or Viruses

While cleaning all fine dust and fur on your bedding, the sterilising function ensures that there is no bacteria growth on your sheets - equipped with 5V UV lamp of 253.7mm UV wavelength and UV-C ultraviolet rays for effective sterilising.

Sterilise Every Corner of Your Home

Works on all surfaces, from plushies, sofas, cushions, blankets, carpets, to your pet's bedding.

Convenient Washing & Double HEPA Filters

With double filtration for more effective cleaning, the filters are also easy to separate and wash by hand. Simply dry them after washing for lasting usage.

1. All Jenniferoom products are shipped together by air directly from Korea.

2. You will need a multi-adaptor for the electronic appliances as they come with the Korean power plug.

3. It is recommended for your orders to not exceed $400 per person as GST will be applied.

[Limited Time Pre-Order] Bedding Steriliser | Jenniferoom

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