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Beautifully Designed Kitchen Essentials

Style up your kitchen space with these adorable and handy basic kitchen appliances. With their compact designs, they get the job done even in small living spaces.

Mini Oven Toaster

Designed in a compact size to fit small kitchen spaces, this mini oven is also easy to operate and maintain. Perfect for those who are looking to conveniently prepare simple meals at home.

Product Details

Size: 332 x 281 x 221mm (12 Litre)

Colours: White, Black

Temperature and Timer Knobs

Fitted with a simple temperature knob (0-230°C) and timer knob (0-15mins) for easy operation.

Clear Glass Window

For ease of checking on cooking food in the oven.

2 Quartz Heating Unit

With independent heating units on both the top and bottom, there is no need to flip your food while cooking. 

Egg Steamer

Easily get your eggs done right with this steamer that notifies you at 6 different levels of doneness. Comes in a smart and compact design for everyday use. 

How to Use

Step 1: Place your eggs into the steamer.

Step 2: Remove the water measuring cup from the front drawer and use the awl to poke a hole in the egg shells.

Note: Eggs from the fridge may break or crack due to sudden temperature changes. To prevent this use the awl at the bottom of the measuring cup to poke a hole. It is optional to poke a hole in eggs stored at room temperature. Ensure that the poked end of the egg is facing the top

Step 3: Pour 2 cups of water (using the given measuring cup) into the steamer, close the lid and press the button to start the steamer.

Step 4: Wait till the steamer notifies you of your preferred level of doneness.

Reference Chart

Note: Time taken may differ according to the temperature and size of the eggs.

Not Just For Eggs

Product Details

Size: 180 (W) x 165 (B) x 140 (H) mm

Comes with: Steamer + measuring cup (with awl), rectangular egg tray, steamer lid

Material: Polypropylene and others

Colour: White

Electric Kettle

A cute and functional electric kettle to complete your basic kitchen needs.

Product Details

Size: 235 x 180 x 115mm (0.89kg)

Capacity: Max 800ml

Material: Stainless steel, polypropylene

Colours: White, Cream Beige, Olive

360° Stand

For convenient and free use.

Auto Power-Off

For safe and easy use, the kettle's power switches off once the water has boiled at the set temperature (indicated by the LED light turning off). 

Stainless Steel Material

The inside of the kettle is made with stainless steel material which is durable and free of harmful chemicals even over long periods of use.

Fully Detached Lid

This makes washing easier and ensures that the kettle can be hygienically maintained.

Cord Winder

The kettle stand is designed with a cord winder so you can store your kettle and the cord neatly while maximising space.

Juice Squeezer

A premium electric juice squeezer in a sleek white colour that allows you to enjoy 100% fresh juice at home! Enjoy your healthy fruit juice with minimal nutrition loss with the slow spiral extraction mechanism. 

Product Details

Size: 170 x 230 x 297mm (2.36kg)

Colour: White

Material: Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene, metal (chrome plating), stainless steel, acrylonitrile-styrene, polypropylene, silicone rubber

Full-Metal Press Cone

Full-metal press cone that is hygienic, durable and can be used for a wide variety of fruits of different sizes, be it lime or orange.


Easy Juice Extraction 

Comes with a carefully angled handle and anti-drip sprout for easy and efficient juice extraction.

Pulp or No Pulp?

Enjoy your juice as it is, or add the fresh pulp collected in the pulp tray for added texture.

Easy to Clean

The juice squeezer parts can be easily detached for thorough cleaning.


Whip up a wide variety of dishes with this smart, multi-purpose electric grill. Each grill comes with a pan of 4L capacity that is perfect for cooking stews and soups, as well as a grill pan with two grill patterns on its surface for varied uses. Each multi-grill set comes with a lid, grill pan, stew pot and electric heating pad with anti-slip pads and concealable power cord.

Product Details

Size: 300 x 210 x 170mm (4.6kg)

Colour: White

Material: Aluminum (ceramic coating), stainless steel, glass, rubber

Fast and Even Heating

Heating plate with concealed heating wire that allows your food to be heated up quickly and evenly. Also comes with multi-induction range (both induction and highlight (electric range) are okay).

Easy and Fuss-Free Cleaning

The flat heating plate also makes it easier to clean up as compared to other grill pans.

Easy to Use

Two buttons for easy heat control and usage.

Pre-Order Info

1. All Jenniferoom products are shipped together by air directly from Korea.

2. You will need a multi-adaptor for the electronic appliances as they come with the Korean power plug.

3. It is recommended for your orders to not exceed $400 per person as GST will be applied.

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