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Ultra-fine Toothbrush (6 Pcs Set) | Kent

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 Ultra-fine Toothbrush

Kent is a highly-trusted brand for producing toothbrushes of the finest quality with a long history of being appointed by the English royal family.

Product Specifications

Materials: Brush - PBT / Handle - PET

Heat Resistance: 60°C

Country of Origin: Republic of Korea


Each toothbrush is packed with approximately 3400 ultra-fine bristles that are soft but flexible. The brush is double-layered with soft, fine bristles and micro bristles to reach little gaps between teeth and effectively remove all residue.

Unlike common toothbrushes, 0.01mm ultra-fine bristles line both sides of the Kent toothbrush. Besides effectively cleaning narrow gaps between teeth, it is soft on the gums and teeth, making it ideal even for those with weak gums. 

The bristles are arranged in a curve in consideration of the shape of the gums, providing a soft massage-like touch to the gums without hurting them.

With natural anti-bacterial silver content, the bristles remain bacteria-free even in humid bathroom environments. Besides that, they also neutralise acid and release anion, preventing bacteria-growth and safeguarding your dental health.


  • Certified by S.G.S to contain no harmful substances
  • BPA & Phthalate Free
  • United States Food and Administration (FDA) Certified
  • ISO Environmental Management Certified

Kent's toothbrushes are eco-friendly and made with 100% recyclable materials so that they may be recycled after use.

For Who?

Due to its soft and fine bristles, Kent toothbrushes are suited for everyone from all ages.

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