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Natural Rice Clay Set | Jam Clay



Are you worried that your child will eat clay containing harmful preservatives out of curiosity? - Are you looking for safe clay for your child to play with?


0-3 years old is the age at which the brain begins to develop! Hands on exercise with clay stimulates the frontal lobe of the brain and helps the development of the brain.


The clay smells like rice cake since it is made of rice.

Even if your children put the clay in their mouth,

they will spit it out right away because of the salty taste of purified salt!



Even after you have been in contact with clay throughout the whole day,

it prevents atopy and provides moisture simultaneously.


It is reliable since we use food coloring, not chemical coloring and no bleach is added.

Have you had trouble keeping your child's work?

Jam clay easily sticks to the paper.

Attach your child's precious work to paper and keep it in a frame.


Natural Rice Clay Set | Jam Clay