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Anti-Blue Light Computer Glasses | OLLLA



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Blue Light Glasses: The New Fashionable Essential

Blue light disrupts sleep patterns and harms the eyes. In the modern age, blue light lenses have become an essential for optic health. OLLLA designs blue light glasses that filters out harmful lightwaves while still being comfortable for wearing all day. 




OLLLA Blue Light Glasses Options


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Safeguard your eyes with OLLLA Anti-Blue Light Computer Glasses! With elastic frames and nose pads that provide support and prevent sliding, these glasses are suitable for all ages. Highly recommended for daily life, at work, and even night driving.

What are 3rd Generational Blue Light Lenses?

1. Lenses that optimise blue light exposure

OLLLA 3rd Generational Blue Light Lenses protects your eyes around the clock by blocking out 38% of harmful blue light emitted from electronic devices that we use daily. OLLLA lenses enable clear vision while allowing beneficial, bacteria-killing blue light wavelengths to pass through while protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays. Excessive blue light filtering can result in vision discolouration which may affect perception and functionality day-to-day. 



2. Multi-layer protective coating for enhanced durability

OLLLA lenses are strengthened with anti-scratch, anti-fog, and static insulation coatings to increase the durability and lifespan of the lenses. Enjoy clearer vision without the obstruction of condensation, scratches, or dust built up from static.  

OLLLA protective layers


Frames Designed for Comfort

1. Fits a variety of face shapes

OLLLA glasses simple design uses flexible frames that will fit the contours of your face. Made from Stainless Steel and Beta Titanium Alloys, OLLLA glasses are strong despite their flexibility.

Design for everyone stainless steel beta titanium alloy

OLLLA flexible frames 

2. Soft, air-filled nose pads gentle on the skin

Perfect for wearing all day without leaving any ugly imprints on the sides of the nose. 


OLLLA glasses air pads

Product Dimensions



OLLLA product size



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Anti-Blue Light Computer Glasses | OLLLA