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Korean Fish Sauce 하선정 까나리액젓 (400g) | CJ Hasunjung


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Korean Fish Sauce

This fish sauce is made by fermenting carefully selected, fresh west coast sand lances and sea salt to give your dishes a deep, aromatic taste. It can be used to make various kinds of kimchi, and even as a replacement for your regular salt, soy sauce and condiments.

Storage Information

Due to the nature of the product, fermentation (aging) may change the flavour. Please close the cap tightly and store at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight.

Net volume: 400g

Possible allergens: Soybean, wheat, shrimp, crustaceans

Ingredients: 100% sand lance fish sauce [50% sand lance(Korea), sea salt (China), tiny shrimps and other fishes]

Korean Fish Sauce 하선정 까나리액젓 (400g) | CJ Hasunjung

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