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Sangju Doongsee Dried Persimmon

Korean Mix Dried Persimmon Gift Box | CNY Pre-Order


Please note that this is a pre-order item special for Chinese New Year 2021. Delivery will be made on 8 to 11 February 2021 for all orders of this product. 

Korean Persimmon Mix Dried Gift Box (1.3kg, 26pcs)

Perfect gift for your business partners, clients and loved ones to wish them prosperity and longevity this new year. Made with high grade Korean persimmons and wrapped in a beautiful gift box.

Hand-picked Large Persimmons with Optimum Size

Persimmons used were cultivated in Sangju, Gyeongbok, South Korea and carefully selected according to strict size & ripeness guidelines. They then go through a drying process to produce the semi-dried and dried persimmon in the box. 

What You'll be Getting

A box of 20 semi-dried and 6 dried persimmons totalling to 26 pieces (1.3kg). Each dried persimmon is packaged separately while the semi-dried persimmons are packed in a box of 10 pieces.

Storage Information

Once received, dried persimmons should be stored in the freezer for longer freshness. 

Korean Mix Dried Persimmon Gift Box | CNY Pre-Order

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