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Korean Nurungji Flat Rice Sheet 현미누룽지 (120g) | WooriGoggan


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Korean Nurungji Snack

Nurungji is scorched rice in Korean, referring to the crisp rice crusts that forms at the bottom of pots and pans when cooking various rice dishes. This traditional snack that is enjoyed by many Koreans has since been developed into accessible, ready-to-eat forms. 

WooriGoggan's Nurungji snack retains the traditional flavour of this well-loved snack by using all natural and organic ingredients and has an exceptionally addictive crispy texture. A small production quantity ensures the quality of each Nurungji snack.


Original Brown Rice

Ingredients: 100% self-milled brown rice (Korea)


Ingredients: 85% self-milled brown rice (Korea), 15% oat (Canada)

Black Sesame

Ingredients: 95% self-milled brown rice (Korea), 5% black sesame (Korea)

All flavours come in a 120g air-tight resealable packaging (12 x 7cm).

Why WooriGoggan?

Self-milled Brown Rice

WooriGoggan's Nurungji snacks are all made from high-quality brown rice that is milled in-house. Brown rice retains a larger amount of nutrients than white rice and contains 4-5 times more calcium, vitamin B1, B2 and niacin, and 15 times more vitamin E. Having brown rice in the form of a Nurungji snack takes away all the unpleasant texture so that anyone can enjoy this healthy natural ingredient.

Quality Zipper Packaging

Packaging design that is aesthetically pleasing and meets the needs of busy moderners - enjoy the healthy snack on-the-go with this light 120g packet that is easy to bring around and store away.

Ways to Enjoy Your Nurungji

The Nurungji snack is extremely versatile and can be eaten as it is, added into ramyeon, onto desserts, soaked in hot water as brown rice tea, enjoyed with coffee or used to replace bread in sandwiches or pizza dough.

Storage Information

Keep the product in a cool and dry place away from direct exposure to sunlight. Always ensure that the zipper bag is resealed when not consuming.

Korean Nurungji Flat Rice Sheet 현미누룽지 (120g) | WooriGoggan

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