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Korean Oriental Melons 참외 (1kg)


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Korean Oriental Melon (참외)

Sweet, crunchy and flavourful, the Korean melon is a refreshing fruit to have on any occasion. The fruit is known to be filled with nutrients that are effective for cancer prevention and constipation.

BlueBasket's Korean melons contain a BRIX level of above 16, reaching up to 20, and are extremely sweet!

Breed Information

BlueBasket's Korean melons are cultivated in Seongju, which is known for its fertile soil and abundant sunlight and picked as the best site for cultivating the highest quality Korean melons.

Health Benefits

Prevents Cancer

The skin of the melon is known to contain cucurbitacin, which is what gives off the bitter taste. Cucurbitacin is known to suppress the growth of cancerous cells.

Relieves Constipation

The seeds in the melon contain high dietary fibre, besides minerals like potassium and phosphorus, which helps relieve constipation. They also contain more vitamin C and folic acid than the flesh, so be sure to eat them all!

What You Will Be Getting

A bag of 1kg of Oriental Melons.

Storage Information

As the melons are freshly picked and air-flown from Korea, always keep them refrigerated to preserve the freshness and quality of the fruit.

Korean Oriental Melons 참외 (1kg)

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