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Korean Pork Galbi Marinade Sauce 돼지갈비 양념 (500g) | Chung Jung One


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Korean Pork Galbi Marinade

Chung Jung One's Galbi Sauce is a marinade made from sweet soy sauce and carefully selected ingredients. It is great for use as a marinade for pork, or as a seasoning or dip sauce for your dishes.

Ways to Enjoy the Sauce

  1. Mix your meat with Chung Jung One's Galbi Sauce and marinate well, adding fruits and vegetables according to your preference.
  2. Pork rib stew - Add the Galbi Sauce to pork ribs in a pot, and cook after filling water up till it covers the pork ribs.
  3. Marinating tip: Marinate for at least more than an hour or leave the meat to marinate in the fridge for 8 hours and above for the best taste.

Ingredients: Soy sauce (24%) (soybeans, salt, wheat, oyster ex­trac­ts, yeast extracts), sugar (21%), wa­ter (16%), corn syrup with a high glucose content (15%), apple and pear puree, garlic, monosodium glutamate, salt, alcohol, kiwi and pineapple puree, corn syrup, black pepper powder, ginger, rice wine, xantham gum, di­sodium 5??ino­si­na­te, dy­sodium gu­a­ny­late, gu­ar ­gum, mo­no-and di­gly­ce­ri­des of fatty acids

Possible allergens: Shellfish, wheat (gluten), and soy

Korean Pork Galbi Marinade Sauce 돼지갈비 양념 (500g) | Chung Jung One

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