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Korean Premium King's Berry Strawberries (600g)


Please note that King's Berry strawberries are more prone to bruising, and you may receive strawberries that carry a few bruises from the delivery process. The bruises do not affect the quality or taste of the strawberries.

King's Berry Strawberry

Characterised by their exceptionally large sizes, King's Berry strawberries is one of the best breeds of strawberries in Korea with their juicy flesh and unique sweetness.

Breed Information

King's Berry strawberries originates from and are exclusively cultivated in Nonsan, Chungcheongnam-do. They can weight from 30-50 grams each, which is comparatively bigger than the Seolhyang, where the larger ones weigh only 20 grams.

What You Will Be Getting

A punnet with 600g of King's Berry Strawberries (about 12-14 strawberries).

Storage Information

As the strawberries are freshly picked and air-flown from the farm in South Korea, be sure to keep them refrigerated at all times. Some of them may be picked slightly under ripe. In that case, it is recommend to leave them out for a few days for a sweeter taste.


King's Berry strawberries are known to bruise easily. The bruises do not deduct from the quality and taste of the fruit and strawberries with bruises can be consumed safely.

Korean Premium King's Berry Strawberries (600g)

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