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Korean Premium Seolhyang Strawberries (500g)


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Korean Premium Seolhyang Strawberry

Seolhyang strawberries are a quality breed of Korean strawberries that are sweeter than normal strawberries and extremely soft and juicy.

Its name 'Seol (Snow) + Hyang (Scent)' derives from its sweet fragrance that permeates from within the snow, signaling the arrival of spring.

Breed Information

Seolhyang strawberries can be distinguished by their large size and round shape and are extremely juicy despite their soft flesh. They also contain a high Brix level (>10) and are 1.5 times sweeter than average strawberries. 

Since the development of the Seolhyang breed, these strawberries have dominated the Korean market with their exceptional qualities. BlueBasket's Seolhyang Strawberries are grown and harvested in a farm in Nonsan, South Korea. 

What You Will Be Getting

A punnet with 500g of Seolhyang Strawberries freshly picked and air flown from South Korea. Each punnet will have 20 strawberries.

Storage Information

As the strawberries are freshly picked from the farm in South Korea, be sure to keep them refrigerated at all times. Some strawberries are under-riped when picked, so you can leave them out to ripe for a few days to get a sweeter taste.

Korean Premium Seolhyang Strawberries (500g)

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