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Korean Seafood White Jjamppong Noodle Soup Meal Kit 백리향 백짬뽕 밀키트 (2pax) | Fresh Easy


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Korean Seafood White Jjamppong Noodle Soup

Korean Spicy Seafood White Jjamppong Noodle Soup made by a top-class Korean restaurant named Baeknihyang, using 36-year-old know-hows and techniques. Unlike your regular instant Jjamppong, it's got fresh, specially-selected ingredients! Don't miss your chance to try such a mouth-watering meal that you can quickly and easily prepare in the comforts of your homes! 

Ingredients Specially Selected by the Chef

✔️ Fresh and fleshy seafood, including squid, shrimps and conches

✔️ Special and aromatic blackwood mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms

✔️ Secret recipe seasoning sauce using fresh and unique ingredients, including cabbage, Vietnam pepper, onions and pepper oil

What You Will Be Getting

  • Squid, shrimps & Conches (1 packet)
  • Cabbage, onions, leek, shiitake mushrooms.
  • Vietnam chilli pepper (1 packet)
  • Black fungus (1 packet)
  • Seasoning sauce (1 packet)
  • Noodles (2 packets)

Each meal kit serves 2 pax.

Cooking Instructions

    Chef’s Tips

    • If you prefer a spicier flavour, you can stir-fry the Vietnam chilli pepper separately first. You may adjust the stir-fry duration based on your desired spice level.
    • Based on your preference, you may add sliced garlic and Cheongyang chilli pepper to your jjamppong for a richer taste.

    Storage Information

    Please store product in the freezer (-18 degrees Celsius and below). Please do not refreeze after thawing.

    Net Volume: 626g X 1 box

    Ingredients: Pre-boiled noodles (Wheat), Alcohol, Corn Starch, Gluten, concoction (purified water, lactic acid, sodium tricarbonate, maltitol syrup),  Sauce (Composite Seasoning), Refined Salt, L-Sodium Glutamate, Meat extract, Leek, Cabbage, Onion, Shiitake Mushrooms, Black Fungus, Dried chilli pepper, Squid, Conch, Shrimp

    Possible allergens: Milk, Soybean, Wheat, Prawn, Squid, Shellfishes, Sulfuric Acid

    Please refer to expiry date as stated on the product. 

    Korean Seafood White Jjamppong Noodle Soup Meal Kit 백리향 백짬뽕 밀키트 (2pax) | Fresh Easy

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