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Korean Spicy Seafood Jjamppong Noodle Soup Meal Kit 백리향 삼선짬뽕 밀키트 (2 pax) | Fresh Easy


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Korean Spicy Seafood Jjamppong Noodle Soup

Korean Spicy Seafood Jjamppong Noodle Soup made by a top-class Korean restaurant named Baeknihyang, using 36-year-old know-hows and techniques. Unlike your regular instant Jjamppong, it's got fresh, specially-selected ingredients! Don't miss your chance to try such a sumptuous meal that you can quickly and easily prepare in the comforts of your homes!

Ingredients Specially Selected by the Chef

?”️ Fresh and fleshy seafood, including squid, shrimps and conches

?”️ Special and aromatic blackwood mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms

?”️ Secret recipe seasoning sauce using fresh and unique ingredients, including cabbage, Vietnam pepper, onions and pepper oil.

What You Will Be Getting

  • Squid, shrimps & Conches (1 packet)
  • Cabbage, onions, leek, shiitake mushrooms (1 packet)
  • Vietnam chilli pepper (1 packet)
  • Black fungus (1 packet)
  • Seasoning sauce (1 packet)
  • Chilli pepper oil (1 packet)
  • Noodles (2 packets)

Cooking Instructions

    Chef?™s Tips

    • If you prefer a spicier flavour, you can stir-fry the Vietnam chilli pepper separately first. You may adjust the stir-fry duration based on your desired spice level.
    • Based on your preference, you may add sliced garlic and Cheongyang chilli pepper to your jjamppong for a richer taste.

    Storage Information

    Please store product in the freezer (-18 degrees Celsius and below). Please do not refreeze after thawing.

    Net Volume: 726g X 1 box

    Ingredients: Pre-boiled noodles (Wheat), Alcohol, Corn Starch, Gluten, concoction (purified water, lactic acid, sodium tricarbonate, maltitol syrup),  Sauce (Onion), Red Pepper Powder (China), Canola Oil, Meat extract, Leek, Vietnam Chili Pepper, Cabbage, Onion, Shiitake Mushrooms, Black Fungus, Dried chilli pepper, Squid, Conch, Shrimp, Flavoured Oil

    Possible allergens: Milk, Soybean, Wheat, Pork, Prawn, Beef, Squid, Shellfishes

    Please refer to expiry date as stated on the product. 

    Korean Spicy Seafood Jjamppong Noodle Soup Meal Kit 백리향 삼선짬뽕 밀키트 (2 pax) | Fresh Easy

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