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Kids Teeth 60 Low Fluoride Toothpaste | La vikit



La vikit Kids Toothpaste

Kids Teeth 60 Low Fluoride Children?™s Toothpaste

Formulated for toddlers above 36-months, the La vikit Kids Teeth 60 toothpaste contains low amounts of fluoride to give parents a peace of mind.


Kids Toothpaste

La Vikit Kids 60 Toothpaste Reviews

BB Curator Comments

Contrary to popular belief, fluoride is not necessarily a bad ingredient. It mainly harms infants who swallow toothpaste but for toddlers who have learned how to spit, fluoridated toothpaste can keep their teeth healthy.

Protect your child?™s dental health and well-being by selecting the toothpaste that contains the right amount of fluoride appropriate for their age like the La vikit Kids Teeth 60.



Low Fluoride Kids Toothpaste from La Vikit

La vikit Kids Teeth 60 Children Toothpaste Features


1. Great Benefits from Low Fluoride (172ppm)

Prevents cavities, suppresses oral bacteria, encourages growth of crystalline structures that resist cavities, protects teeth from sugars and salts.


2. Child Dentist Approved Toothpaste

Peace of mind for parents looking for effective yet safe toothpaste for their kids.


3. Contains Naturally-derived Ingredients

Mastic oil, sage extract, sodium chloride, sodium carbondate, cytosan, blueberry flavour, xylitol, grapefruit seed.


4. Raspberry Flavour that Kids Love

Pleasant taste of kids toothpaste to build good dental hygiene habits from a young age.


5. Essential for Milk Teeth

Once any milk teeth decay or cavities set in before permanent teeth have moved into its position, deformities can occur. To prevent this, regular tooth brushing with the right toothpaste like Kids Teeth 60 is needed.


Who should use this product and how much toothpaste to use for children?

The La vikit Kids Teeth 60 is recommended for kids and toddlers over 36 months old who can spit on their own. Use an amount of toothpaste equivalent to a pea size.



1. How long can you store Kids Teeth 60 La Vikit Toothpaste?

You can store it safely for 36 months from its manufacturing date. 


2. What age range is the Kids Teeth 60 Toothpaste appropriate for?

Because of its fluoride content, it is recommended that only children above 36 months old use it.


3. Why are there no bubbles or foam?

Expect no bubbling of foaming as there are no foam or bubbling surfactant agents that is hazardous for babies in the La vikit Kids Teeth 60 toothpaste.


4. My child ate the toothpaste, what should I do?

The La vikit Kids Teeth 60 toothpaste is safe if swallowed in small amounts since it is made from natural ingredients. Unless large amounts are forcefully ingested, Lavikit presents no harm to the human body.



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Kids Teeth 60 Low Fluoride Toothpaste | La vikit