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40cm Long Tteokbokki (Red Flavour) Set 미인 40cm 롱 떡볶이 (빨간맛) | MiiN


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Are these noodles or rice cakes?

[MiiN Tteokbokki] 40cm Long Tteokbokki (Red Flavour)

The 40cm Long Tteokbokki in Red Flavour is MiiN Tteokbokki's signature menu. Enjoy the fresh and chewy 40cm long tteokbokki which you can slurp up like noodles, providing you with a fun and unique tteokbokki experience you've never had before! Each package also comes with Busan fish cakes that contain 80% fish meat, as well as MiiN Tteokbokki's special red sauce that brings back fond childhood memories among many Koreans of eating tteokbokki after school at a snack stand. With MiiN Tteokbokki's 40cm Long Tteokbokki Red Flavour Set, you can now enjoy the perfect delicious taste of tteokbokki or topokki - Korea's iconic street food - right from the comfort of your home!


✔️ 40cm long chewy rice cake
✔️ High quality mil tteok (wheat rice cake) that retains its texture even without vacuum packaging
✔️ Double the enjoyment by adding toppings like chewy noodles, beef loin, sesame leaf and fried finger food to your tteokbokki/topokki
✔️ Add seaweed, sesame oil and rice to the leftover tteokbokki sauce and stir-fry to get a fragrant fried rice dish that completes your meal


Maker’s Story

MiiN Tteokbokki | MiiN F&B Corporation

MiiN Tteokbokki - tteokbokki that is well-loved by beauties

From collagen tteokbokki to sesame leaf soup tteokbokki and cream tteokbokki, MiiN Tteokbokki has released various popular sold-out tteokbokki flavours where everything from rice cakes to sauce have been meticulously manufactured. MiiN Tteokbokki only uses tteokbokki that is freshly picked and packed every morning, going by the principle of selling same-day manufactured products to ensure quality. This is also how the brand has managed to build up loyalty and trust among customers and remained so popular and well-loved for 5 years straight. 

BB's Tip

How to Cook

1. Pour sauce into pan and add 400ml of water (2.5 cups of water).
2. Add rice cakes and fish cakes and boil over high heat. Once the rice cakes start floating up, turn down the fire.

Ways to Enjoy

✔️ Have a taste test, you may add sugar to adjust to your desired sweetness level
✔️ Garnish your tteokbokki with leek, sesame leaf, fries etc.
✔️ Must try! Rice + Seaweed Powder + Sesame Oil with leftover soup

What's Included

Rice cake (300g), Fish cake (80g), Sauce (180g)

Delivery Packaging

All BlueBasket’s frozen items are delivered in a thermal bag to preserve the freshness and quality of the food products.

Net Volume: 560g (Rice cake 300g, Fish cake 80g, Sauce 180g)


Flour rice cake - wheat flour 99% (imported), refined salt 1%

Fish cake - frozen fish flesh (imported/ fish meat), Sugar, D-Sorbitol, acidity regulator, wheat flour (wheat/America), Soybean oil (soybean), Refined salt, L Glutamine Natrium (flavour enhancer), D xylose, gluconolactone, Potassium Sorbinate (preservative)

Tteokbokki sauce (Red) - Modified starch (imported), chilli powder (90% China 10% Vietnam), purified water, beef seasoning (beef extract powder/Australia), refined white sugar, corn syrup, beef bone (Korea), soy sauce (defatted soybean/imported, wheat/America, refined salt, fructose, purified water), garlic powder (China), onion powder (America), black pepper, Disodium 5'-inosinate, monosodium glutamate

Possible allergens: Food products containing wheat, soybean, prawn, crab, squid, shellfish, pork, beef, chicken

40cm Long Tteokbokki (Red Flavour) Set 미인 40cm 롱 떡볶이 (빨간맛) | MiiN

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