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40cm Long Wheat Rice Cake 미인 40cm 밀떡사리 | MiiN


Rice Cake with Chewy and Addictive Texture

[MiiN Tteokbokki] 40cm Long Wheat Rice Cake

Meet MiiN Tteokbokki's iconic 40cm Long Wheat Rice Cake. Ever had leftover tteokbokki sauce that you don't want to waste, yet hate the fuss of having to fry rice with the sauce? MiiN's 40cm Long Wheat Rice Cake can help to solve your problems. The chewy rice cake can be added to different gravies and sauces to soak up all their goodness and provide a different kind of enjoyment to your meals!


?”️ 40cm long chewy rice cake (topokki)
?”️ High quality mil tteok (wheat rice cake) that retains its texture even without vacuum packaging
?”️ Can be added to a wide variety of dishes, such as braised spicy chicken (??³¶?Œ탕), braised short ribs (갈비ì°? and pasta

Maker?™s Story

MiiN Tteokbokki | MiiN F&B Corporation

MiiN Tteokbokki - tteokbokki that is well-loved by beauties

From collagen tteokbokki to sesame leaf soup tteokbokki and cream tteokbokki, MiiN Tteokbokki has released various popular sold-out tteokbokki flavours where everything from rice cakes to sauce have been meticulously manufactured. MiiN Tteokbokki only uses tteokbokki that is freshly picked and packed every morning, going by the principle of selling same-day manufactured products to ensure quality. This is also how the brand has managed to build up loyalty and trust among customers and remained so popular and well-loved for 5 years straight. 

What's Included

40cm long rice cake (300g)

Delivery Packaging

All BlueBasket?™s frozen items are delivered in a thermal bag to preserve the freshness and quality of the food products.

Net Volume: 300g

Ingredients: Whole meal flour 99%, refined salt 1%

40cm Long Wheat Rice Cake 미인 40cm 밀떡사리 | MiiN

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