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Lotus Leaf Nutrition Rice (241g)| Greating

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Expiry Date: 06 May 2022

Lotus Leaf Nutrition Rice

Have a taste of this representative temple food, with cooked rice wrapped in fragrant lotus leaves. The lotus leaves are rich in vitamin C and give off a subtle scent that adds flavour to the rice. The rice is a healthy combination of Korean glutinous rice, black rice, white rice and dried jujubes to create a rich texture profile. This is finished off with colourful toppings of lotus root, sweet pumpkin and pumpkin seeds to provide great visuals and nutrition! What's more, you can easily enjoy the dish by popping it into the microwave; as simple as that!  


?”️ Korean lotus leaf with a subtle fragrance 
?”️ Made using premium healthy Korean domestic ingredients

What You Will Be Getting

1 packet of Lotus Leaf Nutrition Rice (241g)

Cooking Instructions

  1. Tear off the plastic cover on one side.
  2. Heat up the product in the microwave for 4 minutes and serve.

Storage Information

Please store product in the freezer (-18 degrees Celsius and below).


Net Volume: 241g

Ingredients: Purified water, glutinous rice (Korea), white rice (Korea), lotus leaf (Korea), lotus root, sweet pumpkin, black rice, walnut, pumpkin seed, jujube, rapeseed oil, roasted salt

Possible allergens: Food products containing walnuts.

Nutrition Information

Calories 420kcal (per 241g)


130mg (7%)


84g (26%)


2g (2%) 

Total Fat

4.9g (9%)

Trans fat


Saturated fat

0.3g (2%)


0mg (0%)


9g (16%)

% are based on an average person's daily intake of 2000kcal

Please refer to expiry date as stated on the product. 

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