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Korean Fried Seaweed Rolls 300g | Mimine


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Korean Fried Seaweed Rolls

Crispy seaweed rolls stuffed with glass noodles are an iconic Korean street snack that often accompanies spicy rice cakes. Instantly prepare this delicious snack in Mimine's special recipe at home with this frozen packet flown straight from Korea.

Cooking Instructions

Air Fryer

Fry it for 15 minutes at 230°C until they are golden-brown.

Fry Pan

Grill them at 170~180°C for about 17 minutes after adding oil to the pan until they are golden brown.

Brand Information

Mimine is a renown restaurant chain in Korea known for being the first to introduce the Soup Tteokbokki. They are a highly-trusted brand chosen by shopping malls and plays a leading role in the Korean street food scene.

Korean Fried Seaweed Rolls 300g | Mimine

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