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[Pre-Order Closed] Multi-Purpose Trolley 트롤리 (2 Sizes)


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Functionality & Beauty in One Furniture

Uplift your home interior without compromising on functionality with Abode's multi-tiered trolley that's been thoughtfully designed from top to bottom for all users, lifestyles and purposes.

It is a perfectly aesthetic storage unit cum side-table, with a variety of compartments to accommodate all storage uses. Fitted with 360° rollers for maximum mobility even within tight spaces, you can bring your necessities to wherever you are at home.

Key Points

1. Variety of Compartments

From pull-out drawers to side pockets and shelf, you can fit all sorts of items into this storage unit from craft supplies and books to make-up and beauty products. The ridged table-top is also great for keeping stationery without worrying about them rolling about and falling off. 

2. Sturdy Material

Designed to last, the timeless-looking trolley is made up of the sturdiest materials so that you can maximise the use of the storage compartments while still having a reliable side table that does not topple easily.

3. Mobile Design

Fitted with 360° rollers, the entire storage unit can follow you anywhere around your home. Great for homemakers and crafters who need their tools and supplies by their side.

Product Specifications

Small (2-Tier)

Material: ABS & Iron alloy

Colour: Mustard

Weight: 7.2kg

Size: (L) 43 x (B) 41.5 x (H) 53cm

*Please refer to image below for detailed measurements of compartments. Actual size may differ by 1-2cm.

Large (3-Tier)

Material: ABS & Iron alloy

Colour: Mustard

Weight: 10.7kg

Size: (L) 43 x (B) 41.5 x (H) 73cm

*Please refer to image below for detailed measurements of compartments. Actual size may differ by 1-2cm.

Note on Product

  • When the product is stained, use a cold wet cloth to wipe the stains off before using a clean cloth to dry off the moisture in order to maximise the lifespan of the product.
  • The product is ready for use after simply attaching the wheels. Lay the trolley down on its side gently and push the wheels in to fix them.

Refunds are not Accepted For:

  • Minor scratch marks left on the product from the manufacturing process.
  • Friction and sound produced when closing back the drawers. As the drawers are only fixed in one corner, they may sag with weight when pulled out and cause friction when closing. 
  • Colour variation between actual product and photos.
  • Unevenness on the rounded edges of the plastic as a result of the manufacturing process:

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      [Pre-Order Closed] Multi-Purpose Trolley 트롤리 (2 Sizes)

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