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Tteokbokki Kit (2-3 Pax) | Omadeng


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Please note that this is a pre-order item & delivery is currently estimated to be at the end of February.

Tteokbokki Kit

Easily whip up a savoury pot of Omadeng's Tteokbokki at home in just 30 minutes with this specially curated kit. 

Omadeng's rice cakes are made of rice instead of wheat flour and provides an especially chewy texture. They are also known for their non-spicy special sauce, making their tteokbokki a great snack even for kids.

 What's in the Kit?

  • Omadeng Tteokbokki Special Sauce x1 Pack
  • Rice Cakes x1 Pack
  • Fishcake Sheets x1 Pack

    Cooking Instructions

    Step 1: Pour 160g (1 full paper cup) of cold water into a pan.

    Step 2: When the water starts to boil, add the rice cakes, cut fishcakes and sauce. Stir the ingredients well and leave them to simmer at a low heat.

    Step 3: As the rice cakes can stick to the base of the pan, stir continuously and continue boiling at a medium heat.  

    Step 4: After 10-15 minutes, check the rice cakes by probing them with a spoon. If they are soft, the dish is ready to eat!

    Recommended Ingredients

    Depending on preference, you may add other ingredients such as eggs, meat slices, vegetables or various types of noodles for more variety.

    Note: If you are adding extra ingredients such as vegetables and noodles, prepare the dish with 240g of water (1.5 paper cups) and 100g of sauce.

    Brand Information

    Omadeng prides themselves in providing quality Korean street snacks that are safe and enjoyable for children, with recipes crafted to be the perfect reminder of the taste of childhood. Their food products are healthy options that do no contain any additional colouring, MSG or wheat flour. 

    Tteokbokki Kit (2-3 Pax) | Omadeng

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