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Oranda Traditional Korean Rice Snack in 3 Flavours (6-piece set) 오란다 | Nuts Workshop


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Traditional Korean Snack Oranda

Oranda is a traditional Korean snack made with fried glutinous rice crackers and grain syrup that lives in the childhood memories of many Koreans. Nuts Workshop's Oranda snack is handmade with just the right amount of sweetness and has a nice soft texture. You can now choose from 3 delicious flavours (Original, Chocolate, Strawberry Choco) and each set comes with 6 pieces of the delicious snack!

Only Healthy Ingredients

  • Grain syrup made with 100% Korean rice
  • Fructooligosaccharides sweetener that is beneficial for the digestive system

Why Nuts Workshop's Oranda?

HACCP Certified

The Oranda from Nuts Workshop are produced while adhering to the highest hygiene standards.

Improved Method

Instead of the usual method of letting the syrup sit before quickly stirring in the ingredients, Nuts Workshop's Oranda are made by stirring the ingredients into the syrup for a long period of time over a low heat. This ensures that the ingredients stick well together and the texture is softer and crunchier.

Small Production Quantity with Fresh Ingredients

Nuts Workshop has a small production quantity for their Oranda, with small amounts of ingredients are ordered more frequently. This ensures that every batch of Oranda is made with the freshest ingredients.

Looks Good, Tastes Good

Nuts Workshop focuses on the design of their products as much as the taste. The packaging for their Oranda is designed with high quality so that they can also make for wonderful gifts.



Enjoy the hearty traditional taste of the original Oranda that is not too sweet. Best-selling flavour at Nuts Workshop, with a soft and crispy texture that does not stick to the teeth. 


Made with high quality dark chocolate that ensures that the sweetness level is perfect even for those who do not enjoy sweet snacks. Nuts Workshop boasts the best chocolate Oranda out of all manufacturers.

Strawberry Choco

Crunchy Oranda that is complete with a strawberry choco drizzle. The sweet velvety chocolate and refreshing strawberry complement each other to create a delightful burst of flavours in your mouth with each bite!

Ways to Enjoy Your Oranda

  1. With coffee
  2. With milk
  3. With juice
  4. As a car snack

Oranda Traditional Korean Rice Snack in 3 Flavours (6-piece set) 오란다 | Nuts Workshop

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