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Oven-baked Rice Cakes Soboro Flavour (5 pcs) | Wing Eat


Oven-baked Rice Cakes

Enjoy the flavour of bread in these chewy oven-baked rice cakes, the perfect recipe for rice cakes and bread lovers alike. Made with locally-produced Korean glutinous rice, with added milk instead of water in the batter for a richer taste.

Soboro Flavour

Chewy, sweet rice cakes topped with crunchy peanut streusel, the perfect combination.

What You Will Be Getting

A 250g box containing 5 pieces of oven-baked soboro flavoured rice cakes (50g each), individually packed for ease of consumption.

Preparation Instructions

Air-Fryer (Recommended)

Fry the rice cakes in an air-fryer for 6-7 minutes at 180°C. This method will create a texture that is crispy on the outside, with an added chewiness on the inside.

Microwave Oven

In its frozen state, heat the rice cake in the microwave oven for about 20-30 seconds.

Frying Pan

Pan-fry the rice cakes lightly on a pan after adding a little drizzle of oil.

Recommended For

  • Those who enjoy eating bread and rice cakes
  • Those looking for a convenient snack for their kids
  • Those looking for a sensible gift


Produced in a safe and hygienic manufacturing facility certified by HACCP.

Storage & Consumption

The product can be consumed within 6 months from the production date (please refer to the expiry date stated on the packaging). Keep the rice cakes frozen at all times upon receiving. Leave the rice cakes in room temperature for 30 minutes to an hour to defrost before consuming.

Ingredients: Glutinous rice (Korea), milk (Korea), medium strength wheat flour (wheat 100% / USA, Australia), fine soft-T (hydroxypropyl starch), powdered sugar, skim milk powder), raising agent, eggs, salt (Korea), peanut butter, bicarbonate soda (raising agent).

Contains: Milk, wheat, eggs, peanut

Weight: 250g (50g x 5 pieces)

Please refer to the expiry stated on the product packaging.

Oven-baked Rice Cakes Soboro Flavour (5 pcs) | Wing Eat

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