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Palbochae Rice Bowl Sauce (300g) 팔보채덮밥 소스 | Greating

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Expiry Date: 14 May 2022

Palbochae Rice Bowl Sauce

The Palbochae (?«å??? Rice Bowl got its name from the 8 premium ingredients the topping sauce is made of. Greating's Palbochae Rice Bowl Sauce contains Korean domestic squid, shrimp, conch flesh, shiitake mushroom, bamboo shoots and various mixed vegetables which are fried with oyster sauce and spicy bean sauce to create a savoury and appetising topping sauce. Instead of caramel and sugar, Greating uses allulose, Korean chilli powder, bean paste and squid ink to create their own spicy bean paste, making it a healthier alternative you can enjoy without worries.


-Directly made oyster sauce, spicy bean paste and chilli oil
-100% chicken broth

What You Will Be Getting

1 packet of Palbochae Rice Bowl Sauce (300g)

Cooking Instructions

Tear off the plastic cover on one side and heat up in the microwave for 5 minutes before serving with rice.

Storage Information

Please store product in the freezer (-18 degrees Celsius and below)


Net Volume: 300g

Ingredients: Purified water, chicken broth {chicken bone (Korea), leek (Korea), garlic, whole pepper, bay leaf}, red paprika (Korea), chilli oil {rapeseed oil (Australia), leek (Korea), chilli powder, garlic, ginger}, onion, king oyster mushroom, squid, shiitake mushroom, bamboo shoot, shrimp, bean paste sauce, conch meat, oyster sauce, modified starch, green paprika, Korean soy sauce ,garlic, leek, oligosaccharide, sesame oil, dried chilli pepper, processed grains, white pepper powder

Possible allergens: Food products containing soybean, wheat, shrimp, chicken, squid, shellfish (oyster, conch).

Please refer to expiry date as stated on the product. 

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