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Kids Baby Oil | Paul Medison



Kids Ato Baby Oil with Rubber Duck Toy

A reliable protective & moisturising layer to your baby?™s sensitive skin

BB Curator Comments

Frequent air conditioning provides an excellent environment for easily cracked and dry skin. Moreover, with the use of diapers, our kid?™s skin is more prone to irritation. The Paul Medison Kids Ato Baby Oil is here to help you!

Paul Medison Kids Ato Baby Oil Features

1. Nature-derived Oil

Made of plant-based oils from sunflower seeds, macadamia seeds, inca nut seeds and argan kernels. The oil is also EWG Green Grade certified with no hazardous additives like parabens, silicone or additional mineral oils added.


2. Easy Application & Absorbant

Non-greasy and non-sticky application with increased softness of skin when the baby oil is applied



3. Skin Irritation Tested

Conclusive results that Paul Medison Kids Ato Baby Oil does not cause skin irritation


4. Lovely Mild Fragrance

That baby smell everyone loves!


5. Free Rubber Duck Toy (Pori) Included


When should the Paul Medison Kids Ato Baby Oil be used?

Everyone from adults to kids, infants and babies can use the Ato Baby Oil by Paul Medison. The Baby Oil soothes sensitive skin, lowers skin temperature in hot weathers and moisturises the skin when dry.


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Kids Baby Oil | Paul Medison