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Water-based Handwash (Baby Powder Scented) | Paul Medison



Kids Ato Baby Powder Scented Hand Wash and Sponge

Worry-free cleansing to keep your family safe.




BB Curator Comments

Washing hands has always been an important activity in our daily lives. Recently, this has just been even more important than ever. Yet, current foam and gel hand soaps in the market are uncomfortable for children to use. As such, the BB team would like to introduce to you, the Paul Medison Ato Baby Handwash Soap ??a one-of-a-kind water type hand wash soap! 




Paul Medison Kids Ato Hand Soap Features

1. Water type hand soap

No sticky residue, making it easy for children to completely wash off their hands. No chemical component that is needed to increase the viscosity of other mainstream hand soap so it does not irritate the skin.


2. EWG Green Grade Certified

Made with natural extracts from coconut, centella asiatica and green tea. The Paul Medison Ato Baby Hand Wash is also certified for containing no chemicals that are harmful for humans like paraben, pigments, and phenoxyethanol.

3. Highly Moisturising Hand Wash Soap

Packed with moisturising properties that will not leave your hand dry

4. Baby Powder Scent

Leaves a nice mild smell after washing your hands

5. Sponge Included

For a more thorough hand washing


Who Should Use This Product?

For all types of skin, for every family.


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Water-based Handwash (Baby Powder Scented) | Paul Medison