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Baby Soothing Gel | Paul Medison



Kids Ato Soothing Gel

A healing ointment that is gentle to baby's and kid's skin 



BB Curator Comments

The average body temperature for babies is generally higher than that of adults, making it easier for them to develop a fever. They also tend to have very sensitive and a thin skin surface that responds to even the smallest stimuli. The Kids Ato Soothing Gel calms down irritated skin and cools the skin down – especially needed in Singapore's hot weather. 



Common Reasons for Irritation and Rashes on Baby Skin

  • Face: Drool rash and irritation from sunlight exposure
  • Neck: Heat and sweat in between the skin folds on neck
  • Elbow: Friction with floor from crawling
  • Hands: Dryness from putting hands in mouth and sucking
  • Back: Heat accumulation from prolonged lying on his or her back 
  • Buttocks: Diaper rash and irritation from bowel movements
  • Behind the Knee: Sweat accumulated and is often hidden and not dried


Paul Medison Kids Ato Soothing Gel Features

1. Effective Use for Kids Skin Rashes and Irritation

The Paul Medison Kids Ato Soothing Gel is a tested healing ointment with skin calming ingredients like Ceramide NP, β-glucan, and Phyto-AIC. 

2. Naturally-Derived Ingredients

Made with 15 plant-based ingredients including rose, centella, grapefruit, lavender, mung bean, rosemary, peach, and aloe vera. The Paul Medison Kids Ato Soothing Gel is also certified to have no hazardous chemicals like parabens, pigments, phenoxyethanol and benzophenone in it.

3. Great Non-Sticky Texture

A transparent gel healing ointment that applies smoothly and is absorbed quickly without leaving any stickiness on the skin.


4. Large Bottle Capacity

Reduce your waste by buying a large capacity bottle that will last you longer.

5. Toy Gift Included

Each purchase comes with a free rubber Pori duck for your child?™s bath time

Who Should Use This Product?

The Kids Ato Soothing Gel can be used by everyone in the family, from adults to kids, infants and babies. The gel lowers the skin temperature to reduce itchiness and reliefs skin irritation. It is recommended to be used when skin is dry from frequent use of air conditioning too. 

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Baby Soothing Gel | Paul Medison