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Body Wash & Nutrient Ampoule Set | PIBU PIBU


Body Wash Set

One of a kind body wash that comes with two ampoules to solve your skin concerns




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Unique body wash where you can mix & match ampoules to fit your skin's needs!


Pibupibu shampoo with four choices of ampoule

Pibu Pibu 270ml Body Wash + Two 10ml Ampoules

Pibupibu body wash with miniature marble statue

Made with a mix of traditional herbal and modern active ingredients,

experience the best of both worlds with PIBU PIBU body wash. 


Add your choice of ampoule based on your skin's needs


Concern: Dry and itchy skin due to ultraviolet rays, fine dust, and pollen

Solution: The Brick ampoule provides a barrier to protect your skin from harmful substances



Concern: Sensitive and dry skin all year round

Solution: Mild moisturising care that does not require additional body lotion after showering



Concern: Body acne

Solution: Skin-calming ampoule containing more than 20 bio-active extracts and aromatic oils, including wormwood extract




Which Ampoule Combination is Recommended for me?

1. Skin protection + Sensitive Skin = Brick + Cindy

Pibupibu brick and robin ampoule

2. Skin protection + Body acne care = Brick + Robin

Pibupibu brick and robin ampoule


How To Use

PIBU PIBU Body Wash & Ampoule Set

Body Wash & Nutrient Ampoule Set | PIBU PIBU

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