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Shampoo & Nutrient Ampoule Set | PIBU PIBU

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Shampoo & Nutrients Ampoule Set

Unique shampoo that comes with two ampoules that you can mix and match to solve your scalp problems



BB Curator Comments

This shampoo is popular in South Korea as you can choose the mix of ampoules that will solve your scalp concerns!




PIBUPIBU Shampoo 270ml + Two 10ml Ampoules

The PIBU PIBU Shampoo cleanses but leaves oil that is essential to the scalp, keeping oily scalp fresh but not dry.


Add your choice of ampoule based on your scalp's needs

PibuPibu Jack Shampoo Ampoule


Concern: Hair fall caused by stress and clogged scalp pores.

Solution: The Jack ampoule intensively nourishes the roots and pores, allowing hair to grow healthily with strong roots.




Concern: Dandruffs with easily itchy and unpleasant smelling scalp.

Solution: Snow ampoule helps to deep cleanse oily scalp, leaving it fresh longer.




Concern: Hair is dry and brittle due to past bleaching or perming treatments.

Solution: The Oz ampoule adds a protective layer to the dry and brittle hair.




Concern: Need to keep hair colour bright for as long as possible after dyeing.

Solution: The Unicorn ampoule is suitable for coloured hair and keeps it healthy.



Which Ampoule Combination is Recommended for Me?

1. Ultimate hair fall solution for healthy hair roots = Jack + Jack

2. Hair root nutrition + Dandruff = Jack + Snow

3. Repair damaged hair + Colour maintainance = Oz + Unicorn




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