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Adjustable Home Pilates Set | Beaurit



Beaurit Pilates Home Exerciser

Beaurit Pilates Home Exerciser Set

After 14 years and over 10,000 trials, Beaurit has developed the perfect pilates home exerciser set for a healthier lifestyle!



Beaurit reviews by Koreans on Instagram


Beaurit Pilates Home Kit Review by Koreans


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Enjoy pilates at home any time, any day. 

Beaurit is the perfect partner to help you in your pilates routine to strengthen the core and posture. Save your money on expensive gym memberships with this all-in-one exerciser that is loved by Koreans!



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Why use Beaurit Pilates Home Exerciser?


1. Enjoy Pilates home workout anytime

No matter how busy you are, a short session of pilates with Beaurit at home is convenient and easy! 

Beaurit vs other pilates exercisers

Other regular pilates equipments (right image) also takes up more space and can be quite pricey compared to the easily-stored Beaurit set. Beaurit also has all the same functions of a traditional pilates machine. 


Adjustments are more intuitive with Beaurit. 


With the guide from Beaurit's English tutorials on Youtube, and easy-to-use innovative exerciser, even beginners in pilates can exercise easily!



 2. Patented Design to Exercise Your Body More Efficiently

Made with top-quality resin that is curated by leading chemists at LG, the Beaurit roller consists of 40 firm curves that enables your body muscle to relax completely while lying on it. This allows your body to stretch and exercise more efficiently in a shorter amount of time.



3. Perfect for Massages too!

Apply a thin layer of oil on the Beaurit roller and then simply lie down on it to unravel tight muscles.



4. World's First Adjustable Teaching Resistance Bands

Combine the roller and the two resistance bands to unlock the full range of pilates movements at home. You can further maximise your routine through combinations of body weight and basic resistance band exercises with the bands that are included with every purchase.

The resistance band also acts as a guide to correct your pilates motion and stabilise your posture making your Beaurit exercise session as effective as having a personal trainer! It is also easily adjustable with a press of a button.

Beaurit Pilates



Guide on How to Use the Band Correctly When Exercising Your Legs

Align your feet in the direction of the arrows indicated on the teaching band handle.

Nestle your ankle in the ankle band, instead of stepping on it and rest your foot on the solid portion of the handle.



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Adjustable Home Pilates Set | Beaurit