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Pork Belly, Duroc (1.6cm) 450g + Korean Salted Anchovy (멜젓 소스) | The Blue Basket


Pork Belly, Duroc (1.6cm) 450g + Korean Salted Anchovy (멜젓 소스)

Pork Belly, Duroc (1.6cm) 450g + Korean Salted Anchovy (멜젓 소스) | The Blue Basket


Duroc Pork Belly

What is Duroc Pork?

Duroc is one of the world’s top 3 premium pork breeds along with Iberico and Berkshire. It boasts a chewy texture and has a beef-like white marbling which gives it a rich and smooth unique umami flavour. In addition, due to its small breeding population, its scarcity value is very high.

Check Point

Optimal Thickness for Grilling, 16mm

We stick strictly to a 16mm cut, which is said to be the best thickness for grilled pork belly. 

Chewy Texture

Duroc Pork has excellent marbling, with an appropriate distribution of fat, boasting a soft, chewy texture and a savoury taste.

Juiciness of The Meat

The fresh pork is trimmed and rapidly frozen so that its rich tasting juice is locked in and able to be enjoyed when cooked. 

Special Sauce

Anchovy Sauce Which Enhances Flavour

Premium Ultimate Masterpiece’s Duroc Pork Belly comes with a separate packet of anchovy sauce. Only carefully selected ingredients such as red pepper powder, garlic and ginger are added to an anchovy base, which brings out the original savoury taste of anchovies. 

Chef's Tip !

For An Even More Flavourful Experience

Pour the anchovy sauce in a metal saucer and boil it on the same pan as your meat.
Add in some garlic and chilli to enhance the flavour before dipping your meat in it.

What You Will Be Getting

450g of Duroc Pork Belly + Special Sauce

- Vacuum packed and flash-frozen Pork Belly
- Anchovy Sauce
- Please store product in the freezer at -18°C upon receiving 


- The product will be delivered in our BB Cold Box to retain freshness.
- Learn about BB BOX  >

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