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[Just Arrived] Korean Honey Sweet Potato 꿀고구마 (밤+꿀)1kg


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Korean Honey Sweet Potato 꿀고구마 (밤+꿀)1kg

[Just Arrived] Korean Honey Sweet Potato 꿀고구마 (밤+꿀)1kg

Sweet and Clean

Korean Honey Sweet Potato

The Korean Honey Sweet Potato is a type of sweet potato that combines the best of both varieties of sweet potatoes available in Korea; the Chestnut Sweet Potato, and Pumpkin Sweet Potato.
It's hard exterior allows it to be used and cooked in various dishes but at the same time it’s moist texture means you can eat it right after steaming without it being crumbly. 

It’s known to be sweet as it is grown in the fertile red clay soil of Haenam, where the climatic conditions are optimal for sweet potato cultivation. These sweet potatoes can be enjoyed either steamed or grilled.

Check Point

✔️  Freshest Quality
- Sweet potatoes are delivered directly to customers’ houses right from the production area in Korea

✔️  Excellent Taste and Shape
- We only select the small to medium sizes (60-100g) that have the sweetest flavours
- By curing it at the optimum temperature and humidity, the sweet potatoes will turn soft and have a moist texture
- A perfect sweet snack or mixed with your salad either steamed or grilled

✔️  Convenient and Highly Nutritious
- Delivered to you fresh and clean, ready to be cooked
- Sweet potatoes are rich in minerals and are good for improving the immune system and maintaining a healthy body

What is Curing?

Interestingly, sweet potatoes have the natural ability to heal their own wounds. As such, when they undergo curing and aging, the starch is then converted into sugar which increases their sugar content, creating a sweet and tasty sweet potato.

How Are The Sweet Potatoes Harvested?

✔️ Cultivated Using Eco-Friendly Farming Methods
They’re cultivated in Haenam, Jeollanam-do, where there is abundant sunlight and fresh sea breeze, and are grown in red clay soil, which are optimal for sweet potatoes.

✔️ Meticulous Selection Process
After ensuring there are no abnormalities in the quality, only sweet potatoes with the highest quality are harvested and shipped

How To Store?

- Upon receipt, lay them out on newspaper at a cool temperature and dry them for 1-2 days.
- Thereafter, wrap them one by one in newspaper and store them in a cool place away from sunlight.

* As sweet potatoes are sensitive to cold, avoid storing them in the refrigerator
* Mold may form if stored in a humid environment, so be sure to keep it in a dry place

How Is It Shipped?

A pack of Sweet Potatoes

-  Placed in a plastic box 


- The product will be delivered in our BB Cold Box to retain freshness.
- Learn about BB BOX  >

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