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[Just Arrived] Korean Premium Shine Muscat 샤인 머스캣 700g / pack


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Korean Premium Shine Muscat 샤인 머스캣 700g / pack

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[Just Arrived] Korean Premium Shine Muscat 샤인 머스캣 700g / pack

The best sweetness that can enjoy with the skin

Korean Premium Shine Muscat

Shine Muscat that have fully ripen is said to have a sweet mango flavour. Introducing to you, Shine Muscat, an extremely sweet fruit harvested in Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea. They are grown in the highlands, thus each grape is firmer and sweeter than usual. 
Only the highest quality grapes with each bunch weighing approximately 700g were carefully selected. Rather than focusing only on the size of the grapes, a great emphasis is put on the taste and the sweetness of it. Each bite of the Shine Muscat will surprise you with not only its sweet mango flavour, but also by its crunchy texture.  

Blue Basket ships these fresh Shine Muscat directly to you, right from the best Shine Muscat harvesting area in Korea. Best harvesting, they go through a strict selection process to ensure that those Shine Muscats selected have an average sweetness level of 18 brix, boasting its high sugar content. 

Check Point

✔️  Freshest Quality
- Shine Muscats are delivered directly to customers’ houses right from the production area in Korea

✔️  Excellent Taste and Shape
- Only grapes with an average sugar content of 18 brix and above were selected
- Boasts a crunchy texture and sweet scent
- Grown under the warm sunlight, these grapes are also good to look at

✔️  Convenient and Highly Nutritious
- The skin of the grapes can be eaten
- Contains not only an abundance of polyphenols but also various nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B6.

What is Brix?

Brix is a unit of sugar concentration.
It is said that it was named "Brix" because Adolf F. Brix in Germany improved it.

How Are The Shine Muscats Harvested?

✔️ Cultivated Using Eco-Friendly Farming Methods
Thanks to the fertile soil and a large daily temperature difference of 15°C and above, the grapes’ sugar content also increases.

✔️ Meticulous Selection Process
o After ensuring there are no abnormalities in the quality, only grapes with the highest sugar content are harvested and shipped. 

How To Store?

- Wrap the grapes using paper or newspaper and keep it chilled.
- You may choose to store it at room temperature to make it taste sweeter, but is best consumed within a week of storage.
(* After ripening, the colour may turn yellow and the grapes may fall off easily. This is a natural phenomenon and not a product defect.)

How Is It Shipped?

A pack of Shine Muscat (700g)

- Wrapped in plastic and styrofoam cushioning.
- Placed in a plastic box 


- The product will be delivered in our BB Cold Box to retain freshness.
- Learn about BB BOX  >

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