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Stainless Steel Food Containers + Lid + Stainless Rack Set 스테인리스 밧드 세트 | Altenbach

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Hygienic & Fresh Food Storage

Keep your food fresh, without having to worry about lingering odours in the fridge with these high-quality stainless steel containers. Unlike plastic containers, the stainless steel material effectively prevents the growth of bacteria and food spoilage.

  • Materials of the best quality for safe and hygienic storage
  • Advanced German technology with 100 years tradition
  • Innovative design

Why Stainless Steel?

Safe & Hygienic Food Storage

Unlike plastic containers, stainless steel containers are known to be a more hygienic option for storing food as they are resistant to greasy stains or discolourations from strong-coloured food. They are also effective in preventing odours.

Keep All Your Ingredients Fresh

The stainless steels containers are effective in retaining the freshness of your vegetables, fish and meat for long periods of time while preventing accumulation of moisture and odours from seeping through to the fridge.

Prevent Bacteria Growth

Stainless steel containers do not get scratched easily like plastic containers, and are therefore less likely to create conditions for bacteria growth. Worry no more about food spoilage and unpleasant odours.

Multi-functional Cooking Tool

Besides being a storage container, the stainless steel containers can also act as trays and be used with a baking rack for preparing a range of dishes like tempura and dumplings.

The containers are safe for use in ovens so you can use them for baking as well (without the lids).

Resistant to Breakage

Made with high-quality stainless steel material, the containers are durable and do not break easily with impact.

Product Specifications

Choose from 4 size options you can get individually, or a 3-piece set that comes with the Medium, Large, and Fish Storage sizes.

Materials: Container & Rack - Stainless Steel-304, Lid - PP, Silicone

Country of Origin: Republic of Korea


Volume: 1.6L

Size: 235 x 179 x 60mm


Volume: 2.0L

Size: 272 x 212 x 47mm


Volume: 3.2L

Size: 310 x 240 x 60mm

Fish Storage

Volume: 2.2L

Size: 390 x 192 x 57mm

Cautionary Note

  • After receiving the product, for sterilisation purposes and to maximise the lifespan of the product, boil the product in water or wash it with a solution of warm water, vinegar, and dishwashing detergent (2:1:1) before use.
  • Do not heat the product for long periods of time while empty.
  • Avoid using sharp cooking utensils or metal dishwashing scrubs with the product to maximise its lifespan.
  • Do not soak the heated product in cold water immediately after cooking with it as it may result in warping or other defects.
  • Always use the product with a low to medium heat. As stainless steel has high heat conductivity, cooking at a high heat may cause the product or food to burn quickly.
  • Due the product's high heat conductivity, be cautious when handling it after cooking as there may be risks of scalding.

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