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Protein Bread Bar - Real Green tea 66g 리얼녹차 | Protein Bakery

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Protein Bread Bar - Real Green Tea 66G

# High Protein & Low Sugar 

# Healthy snack

# Crunchy outside, soft inside


* contains high protein 12G

* contains low sugar 1G

* gooey & sweet green tea latte flavor


With Korean Green tea, it's like gooey green tea brownie texture. 

If you want gooey texture, try cold after defrost it,

if you want soft texture, microwave few seconds. 


 [Serving Guide]

- Heat in air fryer or microwave 20 sec , will experience wonderful taste :) 

- Cut it half and put some sugar-free peanut butter or yogurt

- Defrost and try with sugar-free ice cream 🍦 when it's cold 

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