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Red Hyang Jeju Tangerine (2kg Box)


Jeju Red Hyang Tangerine 2kg Box

Juicy, large premium tangerines that are only available for harvest in winter. Grown naturally in Jeju Island's Seogwipo fields and hand-picked by tangerine experts. 

Breed Information

Red Hyang Tangerines are a cross breed between the iconic Jeju tangerine, the Hallabong and Korean's favourite Noji Tangerines. From the outside, as the name suggests, Red Hyang Tangerines are characterised by their red-tinted peel. On the inside, they are known to have a very sweet, chewy, firm-textured thick flesh. 

BB's Red Hyang Farmer

     BlueBasket's Red Hyang Tangerines were proudly grown by Tangerine Master (certified by by Korea Agricultural Assoiciation) Mr. Boo Jae Il. With 37 years of experience in cultiviation tangerines, and 11 years of growing Red Hyang, you can expect the best quality of Red Hyang from BlueBasket.  

What You Will be Getting

A box with 2kg Red Hyang Tangerines fresh, air flown from Jeju Island. Each box contains approximately 6 to 10 pieces depending on the size & weight of each tangerine. Total weight will be 2kg.

size of RedHyang


Storage Information

Keep the tangerines refrigerated when not consumed. As tangerines have a high moisture content, it can get mouldy and spoil when it is kept at Singapore's humid, room temperature for a long period of time. Here are also more tips on how to store your tangerines.

Red Hyang Jeju Tangerine (2kg Box)

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