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Reusable Kitchen Towel (2 Designs)


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Reusable Kitchen Towel

Wipe down your kitchen with style with washable kitchen towels that are sensibly designed with trendy prints.

 Product Details

Size: 24.5 x 25cm (Sheet)

Quantity: 45~50 Sheets / Roll

Weight: 3g / Sheet

Material: Non-woven, pulp


Perforated design so you can easily tear out the amount that you need.


Embossed surface effectively removes any grease on your kitchenware for easy washing. 

High absorbency for removing moisture on any surface, be it wiping your hands, drying the dishes or wiping your kitchen appliances.

Made with material of high stretchability that will not tear easily.

Reusable Kitchen Towel (2 Designs)

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