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Reusable Silica Gel Dehumidifier (20g X 10 Pcs) Made in Korea | Clean Project


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Clean Silica Gel Dehumidifier

Be rid of dampness and lingering odours with the Clean Silica Gel Dehumidifiers that are convenient, effective, and reusable.  

Each box includes 10 individually packed 20g silica gel sachets.

Product Specifications


Silica Gel Sachets: 9cm (L) x 7cm (B)

Packaging: 13cm (L) x 8.5cm (B)

The Clean Silica Gel Dehumidifiers can effectively kill up to 99.9% bacteria and remove more than 97% odour.


Unlike usual silica gel sachets, the thoughtful clear sachet design allows for easy checking.

The silica gel beads are orange in colour and will gradually turn green after absorbing moisture. When they turn green, follow the instructions below and turn them back to orange again for reuse.


The silica gel prevents mould and bacterial growth and are best used:

  1. When areas in the house become damp and mouldy during the rainy season
  2. For getting rid of any moisture or odours in wardrobes, shoe cabinets, and the refrigerator 
  3. In storage containers for vegetables and rice which need to be rid of moisture
  4. To prevent decolourisation and rust on jewellery, fishing rods and electronic gadgets etc.
  5. In mask cases to keep your masks fresh and clean for reuse

Did you know?

Exposing electronic gadgets such as smartphones and laptops to humid conditions for long periods is often the cause for malfunctions. Be sure to place some silica gel dehumidifiers near your devices to prevent this.

Instructions for Reuse

As these silica gel dehumidifiers are reusable, do not throw them away after one use! 

When the silica gel beads turn green:

  1. Leave them under the sun for 1~2 days
  2. Dry them with a hairdryer for about 10~15 minutes
  3. Place them in the microwave for 3 rounds of 30 seconds each, making sure to allow them to cool down between each round; do not leave them in the microwave for too long at one go

Note: Depending on humidity levels in the environment, the beads may not fully turn back to orange.

If these methods no longer work in turning the beads back to orange, it means that the lifespan of the silica gel is up and it cannot be reused anymore.

Reusable Silica Gel Dehumidifier (20g X 10 Pcs) Made in Korea | Clean Project

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