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Ritz Cheese Sandwich Crackers 리츠 치즈 크래커 (96g) | Dong Suh


Ritz Cheese Sandwich Crackers

Crispy Ritz crackers with rich cheese cream sandwiched in between. A great snack that can be enjoyed at any time and a great addition to lunchbox meals too. Each box comes with 2 smaller packs of crackers for easy and convenient consumption and storage.

Net volume: 96g (48g x 2 packets)

Ingredients: Wheat flour (wheat: USA), whey powder (Czech Republic), plant-based oil 1 [{palm stearin oil (Malaysia), coconut oil (Indonesia, Philippines) esterified oil}, corn oil, mixed formula (Oleoresin rosemary, Oleoresin sage)], mixed cooking oil [palm oil 59.98%, coconut oil 40%, mixed formula (Oleoresin rosemary, Oleoresin sage)], plant-based oil 2 [palm oil, mixed formula (Oleoresin rosemary, Oleoresin sage)], sugar powder (sugar, corn starch), glucose, processed sugar products, mixed milk powder (skim milk powder, whey powder), processed cheese 0.4% (Denmark), refined salt, barley malt powder, lecithin, mixed formula (cheese colouring, glycerin ester, purified water), mixed formula (cheese colouring, glycerin ester, purified water),  swelling agent 1, swelling agent 2, swelling agent 3, vanillin, artificial flavouring (butter flavour, cheese flavour), enzyme preparation 1, enzyme preparation 2

Possible allergens: Food products containing wheat, soybean, milk

Nutrition Information Calories 255kcal (per serving)
Serving Size 48g
29g (9%)
10g (10%)  
3g (5%)
Total Fat
14g (26%)
Trans fat 0g
Saturated fat 9g (60%)
Cholesterol  Less than 5mg (1%)
Sodium 250mg (13%)

% are based on an average person's daily intake of 2000kcal

Please refer to expiry date as stated on the product.

Ritz Cheese Sandwich Crackers 리츠 치즈 크래커 (96g) | Dong Suh

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