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Seasoned Atka Mackerel Fish (255g) | Eat's Well


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Seasoned Atka Mackerel

Delicious atka mackerel that tastes fresh and tender, easily prepared and ready in just minutes. No additional seasoning required as it is already lightly salted to perfection that preserves the natural sweetness of the fish.

Cooking Methods

Pan Fry

Saute both sides to golden brown (takes about 6-10 minutes) after drizzling some oil on the pan.


Grill or broil the fish for 15 minutes on both sides.


Oven-bake at about 180°C for 25-30 minutes.

Note: Cooking time may differ depending on thickness of the fish.

Tip: Add some lime or lemon wedges as garnish.

Storage Information

Keep the fish frozen in the freezer at all times and only leave it in the refrigerator to thaw before cooking.

Eat's Well Frozen Fish

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Delivery Packaging

All our frozen items are delivered in a thermal bag to preserve the freshness and quality of the food products.

Ingredients: Atka Mackerel, Sea Salt

Nutrition Information
4 servings per packet
Serving size 1/4 Fillet (64g)
Amount per serving Calories 120kcal
Total Fat
8g (13%)
Saturated fat 1g (4%)
Trans Fat
40mg (13%)
100mg (4%)
Total Carbohydrate
Dietary Fibre
Total Sugars 1g
Added Sugars 0g
Protein 11g
Vitamin D 3mcg (1%)
Calcium  20mg (2%)
Iron 0.6mg (4%)
Potassium 170mg (5%)

% are based on an average person's daily intake of 2000kcal

Expiry date is stated on the packaging of the product in the form of YYYY.MM.DD

Seasoned Atka Mackerel Fish (255g) | Eat's Well

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