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Scented Shower Filter and Shower Head Set | SHIFT




The Healthy, Revitalising Boost Your Body Deserves 

SHIFT is short for Shower and Gift. The name alludes to the delightful shower experience that we would like to gift to you. Experience the health benefits of clean, pure water, just as Mother Nature intended.





SHIFT Scented Shower Filter and Shower Head Set is recommended for

1. Those suffering from atopic and irritated skin

SHIFT's ingredients contain essential vitamins and minerals that can heal and restore damaged skin.

2. Those who experience dry skin after showering

SHIFT converts tap water into sub-acidic water which moisturises the skin better.

3. Those with sensitive skin

SHIFT's ingredients have been tested and certified for use on sensitive skin by Korea's Atopy Associates. Proven to filter out harmful impurities such as chlorine, too. 

4. Pregnant Women & Babies

With soft, subtle scents made from a specialty blend of ingredients, pregnant women & babies can enjoy relaxing, spa-like showers with no side effects.  

SHIFT i Mini Essence


What is Compact Mini Shower Essence?

1. A small, yet powerful version of SHIFT Scented Shower Filter

SHIFT Compact Mini Shower Essence is designed to be portable, but don't let its small size fool you. It moisturises, purifies, and perfumes water just as well as the original version.

2. How long does it last?

SHIFT Compact Mini Shower Essence can last up between 7 to 15 days. It's mini-travel size makes it great for business trips and vacations. 



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Scented Shower Filter and Shower Head Set | SHIFT