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BB Croffle Croissant Dough 크로와상 생지 (300g) | Shinjin Bakery


Croffle Croissant Dough

Produced with the finest French butter, these croissant doughs will leave you wanting more. Each packet of 300g comes with approximately 12 pieces.


1. High quality ingredients with 100% French dough recipe and kneaded by hand

With deep, unique taste and aroma. 

2. 23% French pure butter content 

Using the finest French butter content to deepen the flavour.

3. No artificial additives, no added sugar

Instead of using sugar, natural, non-GMO Canadian maple syrup is used.

Preparation Method

1.  Air Fryer

Add your Shinjin Bakery Frozen Croissant Dough to the air Fryer, after defrosting for about 30 minutes, and cook for 13-15 minutes at 160°C. 

2.  Oven

Let your Shinjin Bakery Frozen Croissant Dough to sit in room temperature for about 30 minute. Then add it to the oven with 4-5cm spacing in between each dough and cook for 13-15 minutes at 170-180°C. 

BlueBasket Croffle Dough
shinjin bakery mini croissant

3.  Waffle Pan for the Perfect Croffle

After defrosting your dough for about 30 minutes, add the dough to your Stovetop Waffle Pan, for 3 minutes. To prevent the dough from sticking to the pan, you can add butter or spray lightly with oil.

You can also check intermittently for the crispiness level you'd like and add various toppings, both sweet and savoury to the croffle after cooking.

Storage Method

Keep in the freezer at -18°C and not recommended to re-frost once defrosted. 

Cautionary Note

The croffle dough may turn soft and lose its shape in the process of delivery. Do not worry as the product is still in good condition. Immediately store it in the freezer upon receiving the product.

Ingredients: Flour, purified water, butter (milk) 23%, yeast, sugar, egg, refined salt, wheat gluten, enzyme, vitamin C.

Nutrition Information  Per 25g serving (% Daily Value) 84kcal
Salt 107mg (5%)
Fat 4g (7%)
Cholesterol  14mg (5%)
Carbohydrate 10g (3%)
Trans-Fat 0g (0%)
Protein 2g (4%)
Sugar 2g (2%)
Saturated Fat 2g (13%)

% Daily Value is calculated based on a normal person's 2000kcal intake.

BB Croffle Croissant Dough 크로와상 생지 (300g) | Shinjin Bakery

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