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[Fresh Pre-Order] 15-Minute Shrimp Rose Pasta (2 pax) | Fresh Easy


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Shrimp Rose Pasta

Pink and rosy rose shrimp rose pasta that you can enjoy in a luxurious Italian restaurant. Fresh and crunchy shrimps, together with the sweet, savoury and even tangy rose pasta sauce, what more can you ask for? Enjoy this perfect deep-tasting combination today!


The Rose Pasta Sauce

The rose pasta sauce has a main mixture of flavours of tomato, garlic and cream sauce. These 3 layers of flavours go amazingly well with one another and give a thick but not overly-strong flavour. That's no wonder why the rose pasta sauce is so popular!



Easy 15-minute Preparation


No need for extra ingredients

All the ingredients needed are included in the package:

Pasta, shrimps, garlic, Italian parsley, onions, tomato sauce, cream, olive oil, herb salt, parmesan cheese

Storage information

Keep the product refrigerated. 

Net volume: 593g X 1 Pack (Serves 2)

Possible Allergens: Milk, soybean, wheat, tomato, shrimp, chicken, sulfuric acid

Nutrition Information 593g (1263kcal)
Sodium 2198mg (110%)
Carbohydrates 144g (45%)
Sugars 26.63g (27%)
63g (117%)
Trans fat
Saturated fat
35g (234%)
84mg (28%)
Protein 30g (55%)

% are based on an average person's daily intake of 2000kcal

Refer to product packaging for expiry date.

[Fresh Pre-Order] 15-Minute Shrimp Rose Pasta (2 pax) | Fresh Easy

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