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Silver Cutlery Set (Spoon + Chopsticks) | Abode


Silver Cutlery Set

Minimal and sleek spoon and chopsticks set with stainless steel metal and pastel plastic grip design. Practical and aesthetically pleasing, ideal for any occasion and table setting.

Product Specifications

Size: 3.8 x 21.2cm (Spoon) / 23cm (Chopsticks)

Materials: Stainless steel (18-10), PC

Colours: Smoke Grey, Ice Blue, Essence Green

Design Features

1. Safe Materials

Made in Korea with stainless steel of the highest quality (18-10) and PC material that has been certified to meet safety guidelines.

2. High Durability

Made with quality materials that are resistant to discolourations and do not wear or peel easily. Long-lasting cutleries that are safe to use in boiling water either for sterilisation or cooking.

3. Comfortable Grip

Steady handle grip that is comfortably weighted and designed to suit all users. The rounded shape of the spoon is great for soups and stews.

Cautionary Note

  • Wash the cutleries with a soft dishwashing sponge and avoid applying too much friction to prevent damage of the coating. 
  • Wash the cutleries as soon as possible after use to prevent discolourations and permanent stains.
  • Dry the cutleries with a towel after wash.
  • Ensure that your dishwasher setting is below 120°C when washing the cutleries as the plastic material may start to warp in temperatures higher than that.
  • Do not soak the cutleries for long periods of time in detergents that contain hydrogen peroxide or any acidic solutions as the titanium coating may wear off. 
  • Any fine scratches and variation in sheen or colouration on the stainless steel are natural occurrences of the production process due to the characteristics of the material. 

Silver Cutlery Set (Spoon + Chopsticks) | Abode

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