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Soft Tofu Stew with Sliced Beef Short Plate 우삼겹 순두부찌개 (Chilled) | The BlueBasket


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Soft Tofu Stew with Sliced Beef Short Plate 우삼겹 순두부찌개 (Chilled)

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Soondubu Stew with Sliced Beef

Sliced beef soondubu stew made with soft tofu, beef slices and a rich broth. The beef belly slices has an ideal proportion of fats and meat, which enhances the umami flavour of the rich broth. Fresh minced garlic is used as the base of the seasoning sauce, giving it a deep flavour with a kick of spice. 

A scoop of melt-in-your-mouth soft tofu, pumpkin and enoki mushroom is enough for you to empty a bowl of rice when mixed together. This dish can be made simply by stir-frying in sequence, the meat, vegetables and sauce, followed by adding in water and soft tofu to boil. Whip up a meal with this tantalizing bowl of soondubu stew that everyone will love.

Check Point

Rich Broth

The broth is infused with a savoury flavour from the beef which gives the broth a deep umami taste. 

Chef’s Secret Sauce

Secret recipe sauce specially developed by a Korean chef in Singapore.  

Generous Serving of Soft Tofu

A whole packet of soft tofu is added so that the serving is big enough to be shared among several people. 

A Harmony of Fresh Vegetables & Seasoning Sauce

The deep and rich seasoning of the stew complements the fresh vegetables to make the soup taste richer.

What Is Included

Soft Tofu, Beef Short Plate Slices, Onion, green onion, green chilli, red chilli, baby king oyster, Enoki Mushroom, Zucchini, Sauce (Fresh garlic, chilli powder, Soy sauce 등)

How To Cook


Use a kitchen towel to clean off the blood from the beef slices, before stir frying it in a pot for 1 min on medium heat.


 Add the onions, pumpkin, mushrooms and sauce into the pot and stir fry on medium heat.


Pour in 300ml of water and place Soondubu in the pot.


Once it starts to boil, let it simmer for 6 mins on medium-high heat


Add in the leek and chili pepper, let it boil for 1 more min.


Turn off the heat, crack an egg into the stew and stir before serving

BB's Tip

Decadent Soondubu Stew with Rice

Scoop a generous amount of stew and mix well with rice for a hearty meal.

What You Will Be Getting

1 Box of Soondubu Stew with Sliced Beef

- All the ingredients are separately vacuum packed
- Please store product in the refrigerator upon receiving
- Do not freeze

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