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Spicy Jjomyun Noodle Kit 437g 비빔 생쫄면 | Pulmuone




Since Its founding in the Republic of Korea in 1984, Pulmuone has been one of the most prominent food brand in the country.It is our mission to only use quality ingredients to promise authentic taste and delicious foods.


[Pulmuone] Spicy Jjolmyun Noodle Kit 437g 

Pulmuone noodles are made of Soybean for a better chewiness and it's spicy and sweet sauce wraps around your mouth with gochujang and savory sesame oil. It's more convenient because it's packed individually

Tip! Add fried dumplings as a side and you can enjoy the famous Korean street food.

Contains :
Wheat, Soybeans

Product of Republic of Korea

Spicy Jjomyun Noodle Kit 437g 비빔 생쫄면 | Pulmuone

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