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Strawberry Cream Cheese Glutinous Rice Cake 딸기크림치즈 찹쌀떡 (18 Pcs) | Wing Eat


Strawberry Cream Cheese Glutinous Rice Cake

Chewy strawberry-flavoured glutinous rice cake that is filled with savoury cream cheese. Be prepared to be enveloped by the fragrance of strawberries that are contained in the rice cake, filling, and powdered coating.

The Batter

With Real Strawberries

The rice cake batter contains locally-produced strawberries from Korea, and is made with Korean glutinous rice flour.

The Filling

Strawberry-filled Cream Cheese

Just imagining the heavenly combination of strawberry jam and rich cream cheese makes one drool! A delicious filling is what comes out of two tasty ingredients.

This specially crafted cream cheese recipe contains all the ingredients that everyone loves.

The Secret Behind Strawberry Powder

Removing all the moisture from fresh strawberries, only the sweet and refreshing taste of the fruit is left in the powder form such that a wholesome strawberry taste is achieved.

The strawberry powder is produced by freeze-drying fresh strawberries at -30°C to preserve all the taste and nutrients of the fruit.

The Reason for Using Cream Cheese

Most cream-filled glutinous rice cakes contain plant-based creams which are produced using palm oil and lacks the hearty taste of cream that melts in your mouth instantly. With cream cheese made from dairy milk, you can fully enjoy the richness that fills Wing Eat's strawberry glutinous rice cakes!

The cream cheese used in these strawberry glutinous rice cakes can be consumed without guilt and worries as they contain no preservatives and artificial growth hormones. They are made with 75% whole milk and not skimmed milk powder.

The Coating

Wing Eat's Strawberry Cream Cheese Glutinous Rice Cake are filled with strawberries even up to the final touch. The pretty pink dressing that tops the rice cakes are made with white castella crumbs mixed with freeze-dried strawberry powder.

Did You Know?

The strawberry glutinous rice cakes are made in a lengthy shape so that every bite contains the perfect balance between rice cake and cream cheese filling.

What You Will Be Getting

A 540g box containing 18 pieces of Strawberry Cream Cheese Glutinous Rice Cake, packaged in individual packs of 2 pieces each (9 packets, each 60g). Besides being convenient for consumption, this box packaging with individual packets of rice cakes is also great for sending to family and friends as a gift!

With the individual packaging:

  • No more lingering smells when storing in the fridge
  • No need for extra containers or bags to separate the pieces for storage
  • No more worries about forgetting the expiry date as they are written on every packet
  • Convenient to just drop packets of the snack into your bag when heading out!

Storage & Consumption

Storage Information

The strawberry glutinous rice cakes can be consumed within 1 year from the production date (please refer to expiry date as stated on the product packaging). Store them in the freezer (-18°C) when not consuming. Do note that the rice cakes may become stiff or have a change in quality when stored in room temperature or the refrigerator. Keep them in the freezer immediately upon receiving the product.

How to Consume

Remove only the amount you wish to consume from the freezer and let them thaw naturally before consuming. Please do not heat the rice cakes in the microwave or using other methods.

Ingredients: Glutinous rice (Korea) 50.62%, cream cheese 11.05% [USA / milk 75.14%, cream 23.7%, refined salt, locust bean gum (stabiliser)], plant-based cream {refined oil, other frustose, palm core hydrogenated oil (Indonesia), mixed formula [white sugar, sodium caseinate, methyl cellulose, potassium phospate, refined salt, glycerin fatty acid esters, xanthan gum], sodium stearoyl lactylate, natural fragrance (cream fragrance), strawberry bread crumbs [wheat flour (wheat / USA), white sugar, egg (Korea), strawberry powder, salt], purified water, waxy corn starch, frozen strawberries 3.37% [strawberry (Korea) 100%], strawberry jam, freeze-dried strawberry powder (100% Korean produce) 1.47%, processed sugars, Loving You yoghurt powder, reproduced salt, wheat flour, mixed formula [other fructose, glycerin fatty acid esters, propylene glycol, sorbitan fatty acids esters, polysorbate60, sucrose fatty acid esters], pink powder RC, soy bean oil

Please refer to expiry date as stated on the packaging of the product.

Strawberry Cream Cheese Glutinous Rice Cake 딸기크림치즈 찹쌀떡 (18 Pcs) | Wing Eat

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