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Sweet Potato Tempura Deep-Fried Sweet Potato 고구마튀김 (1kg) | Saongwon


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Sweet Potato Tempura Deep-Fried Sweet Potato

Sweet and crispy sweet potato tempura that your whole family can enjoy together. The sweet potato tempura is made using thick slices of sweet potatoes so you can taste its original sweetness and when coated with a layer of rice flour, it creates a crispy exterior and fluffy interior that makes the snack extra delicious.

Preparation Instructions

  1. Add the defrosted sweet potato tempura to a greased frying pan and heat up for 3~4 minutes.
  2. Apply oil to the sweet potato tempura and oven tray, then heat up in the oven at 180°C for about 10~12 minutes

Storage Instructions

Please store product in the freezer (-18°C and below).

Net volume: 1kg (35g x 30pcs)

Ingredients: Sweet potato (China), purified water, deep-frying powder [wheat flour (wheat: USA), deep-fry seasoning mix (China), corn flour, baking powder (acidity regulator, starch flour, emulsifier), roasted rice flour], soybean oil [soybean oil (imported: Argentina, USA, Brazil etc.)], rice flour, calcium carbonate, gardenia yellow colouring, steviol glycoside 

Possible allergens: Food products containing soybean and wheat.

Please refer to expiry date as stated on the product.

Sweet Potato Tempura Deep-Fried Sweet Potato 고구마튀김 (1kg) | Saongwon

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