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Tayo Rice Cake 타요 꿀백설기 (4 pcs/set) | GoodRicecake

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Tayo Rice Cake

With the super adorable Tayo character designs, this set of rice cakes will definitely appeal to children! The rice cakes are made by steaming a mixture of non-glutinous rice and milk to give it that soft and chewy texture. There is also a  nutty and sweet tasting layer of black sesame and brown sugar to give the rice cakes more flavour. Being healthier and more nutritious than most other snacks, don't worry about the nutrition intake.

These rice cakes come in smaller packets of 4 per set, so it is easy and convenient for consumption, especially for children. Simple place it in the microwave for 90secs or steam it to defrost and enjoy!

Storage Information 

Please store product in the freezer (-18 degrees Celsius and below). Please do not refreeze after thawing.


Net volume: 360g X 1 Box (4 X 90g smaller packs)

Possible allergens: Milk, squid ink

This product was manufactured in the same facility as products consisting of egg, milk, soy bean, walnut, peanut, pine nuts, sulfurous acid.

Product expires 6 months after manufacturing date stated on the product if kept frozen.

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