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Tempura Udon Kit 486g (2 pax) 튀김우동 2인분 | Pulmuone



Since Its founding in the Republic of Korea in 1984, Pulmuone has been one of the most prominent food brand in the country.
It is our mission to only use quality ingredients to promise authentic taste and delicious foods.

[Pulmuone] Tempura Udon Kit 486g


1. Add in about 330ml of water, and Soup Base to a pot. And bring it to a boil.

2. Once the soup boils, add Udon Noodles and Udon Topping, cook for 2 minutes. Transfer it to a bowl and all Vegetable Tempura before serving. Enjoy!


Contains :  Wheat, Soybeans, Fish (Skipjack Tuna, Anchovy)


Storage Instruction

Store product in dry, room temperature, away from sunlight.

Tempura Udon Kit 486g (2 pax) 튀김우동 2인분 | Pulmuone

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